Connect to engaging activities with
like-minded people nearby

We pick Tribe Leaders to lead fun gatherings for others in their 20s & 30s. Based in Washington, DC.

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Think of our Tribe Leaders as local guides that connect you to fun things and like-minded people.

Our Tribe Leaders are great connectors, communicators, and planners that know what's going on in town.

Expect them to coordinate a wide variety of gatherings regularly: from themed potluck dinners, to board game nights, to seeing the latest art exhibit.

The “Events” tab on our platform shows all upcoming gatherings and makes it easy to RSVP + communicate.

What We're About

Trust others.

Share as much or as little as you want.

Be yourself.

It's a lot more fun to let your guard down.

Be present.

Take a break from the digital world.

Encourage others.

Sometimes we all just need a nudge.

How it works


Sign up and create a free profile.

It only takes a minute. Then you can be notified of future gatherings and browse our directory of Tribers.


See all upcoming gatherings and RSVP.

From the "Events" tab of our app, you can see and RSVP to any upcoming gatherings. Bring a friend.


Follow the details and get together.

Tribe Leaders make it easy to follow the details and ask questions so you know exactly what to expect.

MealTribes makes it easier to connect with like-minded peers in your area.

It's free to join, free to attend, and you're welcome to bring a guest to gatherings. Currently only in DC, but looking to expand soon.