Whatever you do, please don't overthink this; we send out links to RSVP, you bring a dish of some sort to share, and meet great people!

  • Are events free? Yes, currently events are free to attend, but please bring a dish to share, as these are potluck meals.
  • What if I have food allergies or specific dietary preferences? When completing the quick RSVP form, there will be a spot to list these. Prior to the meal (usually 24-48 hours before), the MealTribes team will make an intro email between all confirmed RSVPs, which will include any allergy or dietary information (without mentioning guests by name) so that attendees can be mindful of that information.

    Also, we ask that hosts have post-it notes and pens on the table where guests can place and label their dishes (including ingredients).
  • What should I bring? You're welcome to bring a dish of any kind (appetizer, entree, dessert, etc.) - either one that you cook/bake yourself or something from store you believe is good quality. Please do not bring alcohol - we let hosts provide that if they wish. Sometimes people coordinate via the email thread of attendees sent out 1-2 days before the event, but it always works out in the end, even without "assigning" dishes.
  • Is there a format? Yes! We have a loose format for the meals that helps guarantee a great experience, but we empower the hosts to run the show easily.
  • Where do these take place? In peoples' homes. Currently mostly in DC itself, but also in nearby areas. We find hosts that are metro-accessible.
  • How many people come to these? You can expect around 6-10 people total in attendance at our potluck dinners and potluck brunches.
  • Are there themes? Some have themes! They'll be included in the RSVP link so you know if you're signing up for one. Other times, there's just an icebreaker question that the host/hostess will ask.
  • How do I attend one of these? We send out the Eventbrite RSVP links. After you RSVP, you'll receive an Eventbrite confirmation. We send out emails to everyone that RSVP'd 1-2 days before the event with all logistics details.
  • May I bring a guest? Yes! There's a way in our RSVP form to include him/her.
  • Do people stay in touch after the events? Yes! We connect all those that RSVP'd in an email beforehand, and people often exchange contact information after the events. Some people have discussed follow-up activities, such as exercise, salsa dancing, or board games.
  • What kinds of people attend these things? People of all backgrounds attend. Our attendees are usually in their 20s and 30s. They're friendly, open-minded, and respectful.
  • Does everyone get along? Absolutely! Even better than we anticipated when we started this. It's amazing how food brings people together.
  • What happens to people who show up significantly late/no-show or don't bring a dish? We ask that hosts shoot a quick note to hello@mealtribes.com with that feedback. We'll privately inform the attendee about that behavior being unacceptable. We have a three-strike system for these occurrences. Though fortunately, they don't happen often!