Whatever you do, please don't overthink it - we send out links to RSVP, you bring a dish, and come ready to meet great people!

Format (at a normal potluck gathering)

1. Have people mingle to start, allowing 15-20 minutes for people to arrive.

2. After that 20 minute arrival period, have everyone sit down Introduce your dish, share, and sit down (feel free to take a picture and post it on social and tag us @MealTribes!).

3. Start your meal with 90 second introductions around the table, quickly say what you brought to the potluck, then these three things: a) things you love doing/passions, b) skills/areas of knowledge, and c) any things you want to learn/try.

4. Anyone is welcome to propose topics of conversation.

5. When the host/hostess is ready to wrap up, with 10 minutes left in the gathering, have everyone go around the table and share something they're grateful for, something they're working on / want to plug, or an announcement. Usually potlucks last about 2 hours, but the host/hostess is welcome to wrap up whenever he/she is comfortable.

6. Please help clean up! And when you feel connected with someone from a gathering, go ahead and swap contact information - especially if you share interests to hang out outside of MealTribes!

7. Feel free to post on social and tag us @MealTribes / #MealTribes! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it free to attend? Yes! Just please bring a contribution to share. You'll sign up for your contribution type (side dish, entree, beverage, dessert) when you RSVP.
  • How many people are matched to a single potluck? We matched 6-7 people together, counting the host/hostess.
  • How does hosting work? When we match people into groups in our connection email, the first person to reply-all to call hosting gets it. Currently the only requirements are that you have to a) live in the city of DC itself and b) your place / apartment common room needs to be able to fit six people, but no need to have everyone seated at the same table.
  • May I bring a guest? Yes! Guests can be included in your RSVP or can be sent the link to RSVP.
  • What if I have food allergies or specific dietary preferences? There is a spot to put these when you RSVP and we mention these in our connection email between attendees.
  • What should I bring? When you RSVP, you select your contribution type (side dish, entree, dessert, or beverage) - either one that you cook/bake yourself or something from store you believe is good quality.
  • Are there themes? Some have themes, some don't! We like to mix it up.
  • How do I attend one of these? Sign up for free on the platform and you'll receive the links to RSVP.
  • Do people stay in touch after the events? Yes! Attendees for each potluck are included on the connection email and many people stay connected on their own afterwards. Some people discuss follow-up activities at the potlucks too.
  • What kinds of people attend these things? People of all backgrounds attend. If you're good with the format and what we stand for, we'd like to have you. 
  • Does everyone get along? Yes - even we've been pleasantly surprised!
  • What happens for those that are late or don't bring a contribution to share? Please reply-all to your connection email with others attendees with as much notice as possible if you cannot make it.
    While it doesn't happen often, we have a 3-strike system for those who:
    • Cancel less than 6 hours in advance / show up more than 20 minutes late to a potluck / no-show
    • Don't bring a contribution to share