We started this because I felt that many of us are seeking a connection with other like-minded people our age, but haven't found a way to authentically do so.

You are welcome to invite others into the group if you truly feel they align with the following values.

Some general values to start:

  • Vulnerability / sharing
  • Giving first, receiving second
  • Authenticity
  • Be open-minded and respectful of others and their opinions. At the same time, we encourage everyone to speak their mind and share their views, if they wish.
  • Be positive, uplifting, and kind.
  • Ideally no phones out - be present.
  • Deep / unconventional conversation is highly-encouraged and makes this the most rewarding. This is the best part and really the focus.
  • Try to cultivate some rewarding relationships with other attendees.

Some quick tips/expectations:

  • Hosts are welcome to open a bottle or two of wine at dinner, and brunches include mimosas. That being said, we want alcohol to be a cherry on top and not the focus of time spent together. We ask that any alcohol enhances the experience rather than dominates the experience.
  • Please aim to show up on time - or email the group if you're going to be a bit late / can't make it.
  • Please bring one dish to share (or hell, two if you really want to). You're welcome to either make food or buy pre-prepared food (e.g. from Whole Foods / Trader Joe's / similar level of grocer recommended). It can be a main course, side dish, or dessert. Don't worry about potentially bringing the same thing as someone else.
  • Food should not require preparation at the host's residence (except maybe to warm it up on the stove / in the oven).
  • Please offer to help clean up. To simplify clean-up, it's probably recommended to have the host provide paper/plastic goods.
  • It is strongly recommended to avoid political discussions of any type.