Our scavenger hunt is now over! Winners will be announced by Friday, March 30th.

You've been chosen, join us on the hunt.

In case you haven't heard of us: MealTribes is a potluck dinner platform & community to help you connect with nearby peers.

Scavenger Hunt has begun (on Monday, Feb 26th @ 12:30pm) - image clues at bottom of this page!

We're doing a Scavenger Hunt across DC, which began on Monday, February 26th at 12:30pm and ended on Monday, March 26th at 11:59pm. We have pictures of public clues at the bottom of this page, though there are also a few secret sticker locations you may stumble across.

11 winners will be drawn via raffle, where they will join the MealTribes founders for a dinner catered by Cai Lindeman, a local personal chef. Cai is based in the DC area and was trained at a Michelin-Starred restaurant here in DC. Dinner will be scheduled based on the availability of the winners and a vegetarian option will be available.

It's easy to enter

Just take a picture (selfie or with a thumbs up/peace sign) next to any sticker you find.

Then post it on your FB/IG story or feed, tag @MealTribes on the photo itself include the hashtag #MealTribesHunt, and tag a friend.

Any subsequent entries after the first one can be posted anywhere + tagging us or DM'd / emailed (hello@mealtribes.com) to us.

You receive a bonus entry for every picture that has at least one an extra person in it with you.

The clues

We picked some great popular DC locations. Also be on the lookout for stickers that are secret (not with clues below), as those still count!